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My fur baby requires my attention now. I would like to leave you with a rare picture of some cast members from a classic TV show.

Courtney Cox shared a rare photo on IG yesterday with two of her co-stars from their hit 90’s television show. There is no need to mention the show’s name. It premiered 25 years ago, but we still cannot stop watching it. Even though the show ended on May 6, 2004, these faces are still the most recognizable faces around the world, by both young and older generations.

It is almost impossible to believe that Friends had mixed reviews, with not-so-great ratings at first. Feel free to share your favorite episodes, or mention quotes from the show below. Would you like to see a Friends reunion?

(Photo by Jon Ragel/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Just this past weekend, my new hairdresser did my hair like Jennifer Aniston!



Hello! Hello, here is my new article. Please share your thoughts below. Have a great Thursday! XoXo


When Runners Ignore Pain, Bad Things Happen

Runners Ignore Knee Pain

If you’ve ever had a runners knee injury, it can be painful and debilitating. The feeling of instability and the popping or grinding sounds should not be ignored. That nagging pain, concentrated right in front of your knee, is aggravating. It makes running, walking uphill and climbing steps almost impossible.

Facing an injury is one of the most common threats runners face, regardless of their fitness levels. It can occur in people of all ages, so it is important not to ignore any nagging pains during a workout. Always allow yourself a “body check-in” when something does not feel right.

Runners are mentally trained to push through the normal running knee pains, but that can make injuries even worse. Pain is a vital warning signal, and is too often ignored. Your brain makes you believe that if you skip a run, you will fall off track and undo any progress that you have made. Runners train themselves to push through the normal aches and knee pains.

Besides the physical toll, injuries can also wreak havoc with the mind and lifestyle. Dennis Ramos, a psychotherapist from Corpus Christi, Texas, says there are various impacts from sports injuries.

Depending on the degree of impairment, an injured person may have to cope with loss of abilities, impaired mobility, change in routine or lifestyle, pain and the demands of rehab or recovery,” Ramos says.

An active or athletic person may suffer psychologically from the loss of his or her activities, especially since physical activity is one of the best things to help maintain mental and emotional health, Ramos says.

According to Ramos, impaired mobility can lead to:

• Reduced ability to cope with stress
• Lowered energy
• Grief and depression
• Anxiety

If the impaired mobility and activity extends for a long period of time, these effects can be much worse,” Ramos says. “Injury can cause drastic changes in routine or lifestyle as well, which can result in struggles with adjustment to change.”

It’s also important to recognize the effect an injury may have on a person’s income, job status and lifestyle, Ramos says. Any of these challenges can potentially cause symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

“We know that severe chronic pain can often lead to depression in many individuals,” he says. “So, depending on the injury, this may be an important concern. Finally, the demands of recuperation, rehab, retraining and recovery can be quite challenging and cause increased stress levels.”

Overcoming Psychological Effects

After a sports injury, self-care is important, Ramos says. That means good rest, good nutrition, a good support community and a positive attitude. Individuals should try to stay as active as possible.

“When your physician approves, try to activate the parts of your body that are not injured,” he says. “If you have an injured leg, try to exercise your upper body, for example. Keep your mind active and engaged in hobbies, reading, games, social activities and other things you enjoy. Make concrete plans with your medical team to get back to the physical routines and activities you are able to do, as soon as possible. If you find that your energy or mood is low, or if you have ongoing anxiety, consult your medical team and a therapist to help you cope. Remember that depression can sometimes be one of the symptoms of injury, so be careful to let someone you trust know how you are doing, and seek professional help as soon as possible.”

The bottom line: do not ignore any pain in your body. If it gets worse, stop the workout and see how you feel the next day. Take time to breathe and relax, refocus and prioritize self-care.

Just recently, Claudio had a wonderful birthday! Happy weekend to all. XoXo

Hello! Hello, my friends! This is a quick update: I’m blonde again, and I feel fantastic. I hope all of you have a great weekend. xo

My strength after my knee surgery is coming back, and I feel fantastic. Just this past Tuesday, I had my 2nd post-op appointment. Dr. Williams was pleased with the progress I made in the past month. Again, the doctor reminded me that I can no longer run. However, he suggested swimming and biking. If I keep on pounding that knee, the outcome could be another surgery.

It has been a while since my last update. I have been super busy completing new projects. My new article will be published in a few weeks by the Health Journal. Don’t worry, I will keep you posted. 

Right now, I am trying to stay positive and prioritize my health. Just a few days ago, I was on the treadmill walking while I was listening to my favorite running songs on my iPod. How in the world can someone resist the urge to run when your favorite running songs are blasting in your ears? No, I’m not ready to give up on the idea of running, but when a sports doctor makes it clear on several occasions that running can be detrimental to my knee, my only choice is to listen. It will be difficult to give up something that makes me feel on top of the world. Any suggestions for a replacement? I will close this chapter here for now.

On a happy note, my fur baby Claudio will be two years old on August 12. Can you believe how fast time goes by? He is very inquisitive, and I love the way he learns and discovers the world around him. 

Have a great week. xoxo



Last year, a year after my first knee surgery, I was inspired to write an article called Doctor and Patient to encourage people to communicate with their physicians. These dedicated and caring professionals are there to assist us 24/7. When it comes to any type of trauma, flu, broken bones, you name it, these amazing human beings, with their overwhelming and exhausting schedules, are always ready to take care of us! These men and women deserve the highest credit for the brilliant work they do for us.

Last Friday, I had my second knee arthroscopy, which is a surgical procedure for diagnosing and treating many problems around the knee joints. My knee was fixed for the second time by a wonderful orthopedic surgeon.

Sadly, shortly after the surgery, the doctor informed my family that running can be detrimental to my knees. So, to avoid further problems and surgeries, I should avoid running. My doctor did, however, suggest swimming and biking as replacement exercises. I decided that, if a sports doctor advises his patient not to run, I need to take that advice seriously.

The love, the help, and support from my whole family has been unwavering. Now I am on the road to recovery, and I am looking forward to starting a new cardiovascular program that will keep me in shape. As for now, I miss running, but let’s take it one day at a time.

I will chat with you on a new blog post coming soon. XO!

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