Daylight saving time! Elezioni Presidenziali/Elections 2016

It has been a quiet week for some of us. It started out with “daylight saving time,” then the presidential election. My body and mind have finally adjusted to all the changes that have taken place this week.

To be honest, every year, when we move our clocks forward or backward, it takes me a week to get adjusted. The days are shorter now. The other day, as I was preparing dinner, I noticed it was only 6:00 PM, but it was super dark outside. Nooo!

Anyway, like many of you already know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I am already craving for sweets. Lots of sweets. So, today, I decided to modify this chocolate cake recipe from Martha Stewart. I changed the topping.

I prepared my own frosting, like I always do. My family loves it. For the cake, I use an 8-inch pan. So, for the topping, you will only need 1.5 cup of chocolate chips. I will post the pictures.

Add 1/4 cup of milk with 1/2  tbs of honey and 1.5 tbs of Nestle’ Nesquik, and 2 tbs of Nutella. In a small pan on the stove, on low heat, melt all the ingredients together. If it is still dense, you can add a few tbs of milk. Be careful not to pour too much milk altogether, or the topping will be too liquid. Have a great weekend, everyone! Xx

Here is the link:

Ciao a tutti, per noi in America è stata una settimana difficile con le  elezioni presidenziali americane. Adesso Mr. Trump  è 45esimo presidente degli Stati Uniti. Il risultato del voto non lascia molti margini di dubbio. Comunque, andiamo avanti. Poi  come ogni ottobre, spostiamo le lancette dell’orologio per ripristinare l’ora solare. Come suddece sempre,  io ogni anno, mi trovo sempre a combattere il cambio di orario.  Ci si può sentire più irritabili, si può essere inappetenti, alcuni hanno troppa fame; o come me,  mi porta tanta voglia per i dolci.  Ho preparato questa buonissima torta al cioccolato per soddisfare la mia voglia per i doci. Adesso per non sentirmi in colpa, farò un’ora di fitness. Alla prossima! Xx


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  1. Napoli Girl November 11, 2016 / 5:38 pm

    Grazie mille Jenny! Un bacione forte! Love you! <3

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