This has been a busy year with the presidential elections in the US. A new president will be sworn in, and I will need to get used to not seeing President Obama anymore. I hope our new president can re-unite America, because it seems this country is divided right now.

My blog looks like an obituary today. As 2016 comes to an end, let us reflect on how shocking and eventful of a year this was. We lost a lot of public figures. Unfortunately, I could not list them all, but I mentioned the ones who had the biggest impact on me while I was growing up.

The losses started at the beginning of the year with David Bowie, and continued on all the way to the lovely Carrie Fisher, George Michael, and Debbie Reynolds.

As for 2017, I am very optimistic. I really hope things in the US improve, but I also hope that the terrible situation in Syria gets better. I hope this new year can bring all of us joy and happiness.

I will leave you with a few pictures of some of the celebrities and great people we lost this year. I felt it was important to pay this tribute to them.

I wish you guys a wonderful year. After each hardship we endure, we grow stronger. So, on that note, have a happy new year!

As for my Juve, I want it all. I want the scudetto, the Coppa Italia, the Champions League, and I want our portiere to play for another 2 years. Happy New year! Xx

Cari amiche/amici, siamo arrivati alla conclusione del 2016. Fiu, questo è stato un anno agrodolce, difficile e complicato. Quello che ci apprestiamo a lasciare alle spalle, è di certo un anno da non dimenticare, non solo per gli Stati Uniti, ma per l’intera terra.

Non parlando poi della serie di lutti che hanno colpito il mondo dello spettacolo, e anche quello della cultura mondiale nel 2016. Ci hanno lasciato tanti miti, grandissimi artisti che con la loro esistenza, e talento, hanno reso il mondo un posto migliore e più interessante. Il mio blog, oggi mi sembra un cimitero.

Ho deciso, e non potevo farne a meno, di condividere alcune foto di tutte le stelle comete che hanno lasciato la terra. Anche se questo è stato un anno abbastanza difficile, ho l’attitudine a vedere il futuro con speranza, e con un grande ottimismo. Vi abbraccio a tutti! Buon anno!🎉🎉🎉 Come sempre, Forza Juve! 💕⚪⚫

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! A personal reflection: the holidays help all of us to understand that we are blessed beyond words.

The day after! I thought I was ready to embrace my healthy diet when I got up this morning. The intentions were there, for sure, but no, it did not work out that way. I skipped my early-morning run to get ready for a luncheon with friends that was hosted at our house. I got up early to make one of Laura Vitale’s chocolate pound cakes for dessert. I really wish I would have done a better job prioritizing my running after the excessive calorie intake these past few days, but there was just not any time for that. Don’t you wish we could have more time in a day?

Needless to say, with some effort, I was ready to help out my husband and get myself ready by 12:00. I did it!

I hope you are having fun with your family and friends. Keep on smiling!



These items are what I have on my wish list for 2017. As you have noticed, some of these items, like painted, Gucci cropped-denim pants, were popular in the 90’s. Ah! History tends to repeat itself. Whether you like it or not, 90’s fashion is making a comeback. I do miss the colorful pants and necklaces.

Monica and Rachael from “Friends” were my fashion icons at that time. Actually, Jennifer Aniston still is. Everyone, including myself, wanted to be them and dress like them. Like many of you, I was a huge fan. Those girls were just as stylish off the screen as they were on. Who is ever going to forget Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut? I had highlights like hers for many years.

That show taught everyone a thing or two about fashion. A big thumbs-up goes out to the stylist on the show. He was brilliant! I hope to see a reunion someday!


I’m loving my new dress! I wanted to be comfortable while running errands/lunch date with hubby! So, I decided to chic up and wear my new, short-sleeve dress with a light sweater and boots. Cold weather approved combo. Xx


“Allegria”! Come diceva Mike Bongiorno! Ci sei mancato, sei finalmente arrivato. Eccolo qua, se qualcuno non se ne fosse ancora accorto, è arrivato l’inverno. Here we go, winter is here! The temperatures are dropping in South Texas, and it feels nice and cold. That super yummy hot chocolate is back in season. Enjoy this beautiful time, with your family and friends! Xx

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