Care amiche, the holiday season is here. Every year, right around this time, I feel more reflective on things in life. Lately, I have been enjoying self-reflection,  meditation, and yoga. Maybe it is the Christmas season itself that makes me feel more reflective?

The holidays help us stay focused on the things that matter in life; things we are grateful for. Counting our blessings is a must. As beautiful as it is, this season, if you don’t plan properly, can bring a lot of stress.

We tend to do more cooking and shopping this time of year. So, what helps me keep the stress level low is proper planning. I learned the meaning of “less is more.” This is not a time to experiment or implement new recipes. Keep it simple.
I also try to keep my regular exercise routine. Even if I only have time for a 10-minute workout, it is better than nothing. By keeping a normal exercise routine, I keep the stress hormones low, and I have more energy throughout the day for extra cooking, shopping, and entertaining, if I need to.
What is your survival guide for making it through this season, and feeling zen? 😉