These items are what I have on my wish list for 2017. As you have noticed, some of these items, like painted, Gucci cropped-denim pants, were popular in the 90’s. Ah! History tends to repeat itself. Whether you like it or not, 90’s fashion is making a comeback. I do miss the colorful pants and necklaces.

Monica and Rachael from “Friends” were my fashion icons at that time. Actually, Jennifer Aniston still is. Everyone, including myself, wanted to be them and dress like them. Like many of you, I was a huge fan. Those girls were just as stylish off the screen as they were on. Who is ever going to forget Jennifer Aniston’s famous haircut? I had highlights like hers for many years.

That show taught everyone a thing or two about fashion. A big thumbs-up goes out to the stylist on the show. He was brilliant! I hope to see a reunion someday!