Amal Clooney!

Throughout this year, I’ll be sharing the most influential and inspirational women on this blog. Not all of them are fashionistas but they all inspire me in some way. One of my favorite accomplished women (who just happens to have an amazing sense of style) is Amal Clooney.  She is a British human rights lawyer. She is also a visiting professor at the Columbia Law School, where she teaches human rights.

In her dress by Dolce & Gabbana. She further accentuated her beautiful figure with a stunning pair of dark ankle booties, that everyone in world (including myself) is already wanting in our closets. This was her first appearance since the speculation that she may be pregnant.

Here is this super intelligent, insanely accomplished civil rights lawyer, looking like her usual fabulous self. Here she’s stepped out to attend a ceremony in London with her husband George.

During the election, Amal and George hosted a fundraiser at their home in Los Angeles for Hillary Clinton. More than 150 supporters attended the gala, where tickets were priced $33,400 per person.

Just recently, Amal was in Austin, Texas to participate as a keynote speaker at the Texas Women’s Conference.  She shared the harrowing story of one of her clients, a Yazidi woman who had gone through unspeakable atrocities while being held captive by ISIS.  Together with Amal Clooney, this woman is trying to find justice against her attackers. Amal was wearing a stunning Giorgio Armani dress with Paul Andrew shoes.

I will leave you with one of her quotes: “People who are passionate are good at what they do. These emotions are a driving force, and I don’t think women should apologize for them anymore than a man should.”


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