Mary Tyler Moore.

Hello, friends! Today, we are going to pay tribute to this wonderful actress. On Wednesday, the world and her family lost this beautiful and very talented actress, the beloved Mary Tyler Moore. According to her family, she passed away from cardiopulmonary arrest after contracting pneumonia.

Her recent death brought back many memories. When I first moved to this country, I used to love watching the re-runs of her shows with my husband, and we still do. It will be sad now, knowing that she is gone.
Mary Tyler Moore, helped women look valuable in the work force. She was such an inspiration at that time for many woman.

She became a feminist icon 1970, playing a single television producer; at a time when many women on television weren’t shown as having careers outside of the home. I always loved the way she looked with her make-up and her gorgeous and stylish outfits. I also loved her perfect relationship she had with her co-workers on the show

Born on Dec. 29, 1936, in Brooklyn Heights, this icon was only seventeen years old when she discovered her love for acting. I was unaware that she was actually a dancer, and danced in various television shows before becoming an actress. Thanks for all the laughs and the memories, Mrs. Moore. You are going to to missed. RIP.


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