Hi Ladies, as you know, fashion trends come and go. I am totally okay with that. However, I actually get excited when an old trend makes a comeback. It just makes my day, my week, and the rest of my year! Yay!

Jessica Alba, was born with a perfect sense of style!

I have been checking out these eye-catching, dressy backpacks. I don’t know about you, but those are going to be must-haves in my closet, especially when I travel. 

How many of us are constantly looking for a new bag we can wear with anything? I’m so in love with dressy backpack.

I love Taylor Swift’s dressy backpack! Se looks amazing all the time! What can I say? The girl knows how to dress. Whether she’s heading to the gym, running errands, or on the red carpet.

I love the way Kourtney Kardashian, takes all of us outside of our typical comfort zone!

Suddenly, Kendall Jenner has made her way into the fashion world! This beautiful supermodel has always had more than her sisters: a sleek, unique, and very sophisticated look that I just love!

Sometimes, especially when we are traveling, everything just doesn’t fit into our regular bags. There are so many bag options out there, and choosing the right one can be confusing. Keep in mind that we are not looking for a huge sporty backpack to go climbing or hiking for the weekend.

The dressy leather bags are trending right now. When shopping for one, be sure to focus on whether it fits your style, whether it will match the colors you typically wear. 

Have fun choosing one, and be sure to post a picture. My advice: Make it fun, but effective. Have a great Thursday, friends!

Stay happy and zen!

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