Happy Monday to all! Today, I’m talking about our favorite G! Yes, 2017 will be the year of Gucci!
Is there anyone else who is obsessed with expensive designer handbags? I wonder where this obsession comes from? Is it just a way to celebrate a milestone birthday, or is it how we reward ourselves for doing it all?

The handbag is an accessory that we ladies love to sport, whether we are attending a formal dinner or going on a casual daily outing.
I never cared about designer bags until I owned one. That’s when it all began.

My first designer bags came when I got my first job in education. Before then, I didn’t see enough of a difference between designer bags and my less expensive bags.

Back in those days, after wearing a signature bag for awhile, I would remove it from my closet and give it away. That is out of my system now. 

As I got older, I found myself getting more attached to my bags. Who knows? Maybe it is because we carry personal items in our bags, or because they are physically close to us on a daily basis. Wherever I go, she goes.

One of the disadvantages of buying less expensive bags is they wear out very fast. A designer handbag is not just a classy accessory to enjoy and have in your closet, but a reflection of who you are. It is an indicator of your taste and style.
It is all about personal choices. I prefer spending the money up front and enjoying a high quality bag that will last a long time.


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