Porto vs Juve!

Hello, everyone!  I hope all of you are having a great week. I’m just dropping in to cheer for my Juve! Today is a big day for us! I don’t know if I have any soccer fans following my blog, but if you are familiar with European soccer, then you know what a Champions League game is. To be eligible for the Champions League, your team must win one of the championship cups they play for each season.  
Juve is in the Champions League because they finished at the top of their league last season, for the fifth consecutive time. It was a tough road, but we are here now. Today, Juventus will be playing against Porto. It is going to be a difficult game. The team knows they must face some tough opponents in the Champions League. 

We had a minor crisis last weekend. One of our defenders, Bonucci, got emotional and lost his temper with our coach. Even if Bonucci meant well, I did not agree with him. I find his behavior towards Mr. Allegri to be inappropriate. Sorry, Leo.  

Juve will be my main focus today!  Fino alla fine!

This is Mr. Allegri, and our Capitano Gigi Buffon, during a press conference!

We are missing Claudio Marchisio,our Principino here.

Okay,here is Marchisio. I’m super happy when he fav our tweets!

This Gigi Buffon, our goalkeeper and Captain of Juventus and National Team!


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