Hello, amici! Da un po’ di tempo che non si parla della Juve! I ragazzi giocheranno oggi con il Cagliari. Speriamo in una vittoria. Rigrazio il Mr. Allegri, per il nuovo modulo di squadra. Il 4-2-3-1 che come tutti gia’ sappiamo, sta funzionado benissimo! Bravo, Mr! Sono certa che oggi il nostro Capitano Gigi Buffon, e la sua squadra, ci regarelanno una grande vittoria! Forza Juve!!!!

“Secondo le ultime di Sky Sport, Massimiliano Allegri contro il Cagliari starebbe pensando di rinunciare nuovamente a Miralem Pjanic. Il croato, come dichiarato dal tecnico bianconero in conferenza stampa, è reduce da una botta rimediata nella trasferta di Crotone e questa sera potrebbe sedersi nuovamente in panchina per non rischiare un lungo infortunio. Dunque a centrocampo molto probabilmente agiranno Khedira e Marchisio. Per il resto non dovrebbe esserci nessun’altra novità, Allegri dovrebbe schierare di nuovo il 4-2-3-1 con Mandzukic e Cuadrado esterni alta e Dybala dietro ad Higuain.” webcalcio.net

Buona domenica a tutti! Happy Sunday to all! XOxo

Hi Ladies, as you know, fashion trends come and go. I am totally okay with that. However, I actually get excited when an old trend makes a comeback. It just makes my day, my week, and the rest of my year! Yay!

Jessica Alba, was born with a perfect sense of style!

I have been checking out these eye-catching, dressy backpacks. I don’t know about you, but those are going to be must-haves in my closet, especially when I travel. 

How many of us are constantly looking for a new bag we can wear with anything? I’m so in love with dressy backpack.

I love Taylor Swift’s dressy backpack! Se looks amazing all the time! What can I say? The girl knows how to dress. Whether she’s heading to the gym, running errands, or on the red carpet.

I love the way Kourtney Kardashian, takes all of us outside of our typical comfort zone!

Suddenly, Kendall Jenner has made her way into the fashion world! This beautiful supermodel has always had more than her sisters: a sleek, unique, and very sophisticated look that I just love!

Sometimes, especially when we are traveling, everything just doesn’t fit into our regular bags. There are so many bag options out there, and choosing the right one can be confusing. Keep in mind that we are not looking for a huge sporty backpack to go climbing or hiking for the weekend.

The dressy leather bags are trending right now. When shopping for one, be sure to focus on whether it fits your style, whether it will match the colors you typically wear. 

Have fun choosing one, and be sure to post a picture. My advice: Make it fun, but effective. Have a great Thursday, friends!

Stay happy and zen!

Hi friends,

I have another review for you today. It is on Suzanne Somers’ products. Just recently, I purchased the Organics Bioactive Moisturizer and the Organic Ageless Serum. 
Many of my blog readers know the importance of my changing skin care products in order to look healthy and beautiful. 
Okay, so, let me start off by saying that, when I first opened the package, I was a bit disappointed. Why?  Well, I noticed the jars were a bit smaller than my other organic products that I have been using for the past year. However, I was still eager to put them to my test. I was on a mission!
I applied the products that evening during my nightly skin care routine. I must admit, a part of me was attached to Simply Radiant, my previous products. Just a few minutes after applying the serum and the moisturizer, I noticed something that I was not hoping to see (only because a part of me was ready and determined to go back to my other products that I loved).
Here I was looking for that element that would have helped me to make my decision not to change, and to find something wrong with these new products. Did I succeed? 

No! It has been two weeks since I started using Suzanne’s products. I noticed my eyes are less puffy. In the morning, my skin looks and feels soft and hydrated. It looks as if I had a great night’s sleep/vacation! My skin looks tighter and brighter, and my overall thoughts on this cream are that it is beautiful, reduce wrinkles, it smells like peaches, and I am so glad I switched to it. Not to mention, the price is also great. It costs less than my other products.  
If you are thinking about changing your skin care products, be sure to go online and do your research. Read all the reviews about a product that interests you.  Also, make sure you are using on Organic line.  You may pay just a bit more, but it is totally worth it. 

These products get 5 out of 5 stars from me! What are your favorite daytime/nighttime serums and creams? Keep a smile on your face! Here is how I stay zen: XO

I love to run!

Yoga helps me to relax!

I love this girl. Yes, she is from Austin, Texas! Be sure to check out Yoga with Adrienne! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioO8K653kMA

So, you finally did it! You bought a pair of culottes! Now what? These pants are going to be a big trend again for the upcoming spring/summer 2017. You may have seen them on the runways of Gucci and Valentino, at the Mall, all over Pinterest, or on Amal Clooney and other celebrities.

Truthfully, the last time I wore culottes was at my brother Sasa’s wedding in Naples.  Culottes are a bit of an awkward trend because of their unusual shape. They can be intimidating, but let’s just take a deep breath, shall we?

I know not everyone is a fan, and some do not find them very flattering. What?! Let’s see if this post will help you change your mind about culottes!

The way I see it, we need to relax and have fun with fashion. Taking fashion “risks” can have big payoffs. Let’s not let new trends intimidate us. Let’s get out of what I call the “fashion comfort zone.”

The question is: how can we get away with a hot, albeit awkward, trend this spring while still feeling happy, in-style, and fabulous?

First, your mission is to find the perfect pair. Once you find them, keep in mind some simple rules. Look for one without too many details around the waistline. They are super versatile. You can dress them up or down, whichever way fits your style. Keep it simple. Culottes make a big statement on their own. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with a solid-colored, tee-top shirt.

As for choosing a footwear, you don’t have to wear high heels all the time with culottes to make them look chic. However, if you do, they look great with heels because they’re so baggy. Remember, if you want to keep it super casual for a fun Friday, you can also wear them with casual white sneakers.

So, ladies, for those of you who have not yet shopped for one, start your search for the perfect pair of culottes. If you do find “the perfect pair,” be sure to share a picture, and I will too! 😉 Here is the link:

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite fashionistas. Whatever you do, stay zen and keep a smile!


“Sometimes I really wish that I could sit back and enjoy it, live in the moment more. But I am terrified, and I want to better myself, not that I want to prove anything to anyone other than myself. I am ambitious, and there are many things I want to do. It doesn’t get any easier.” Victoria Beckham

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