Hi friends! Ciao amiche! It is almost spring time!  I’m already thinking about re-vamping my wardrobe by adding a few items.  Don’t worry, I will share all the updates.

Just recently, we had New York Fashion Week! Some new trends are heading our way once again, like floral flared pants.  Remember those in the 90s?  Early 2016, they started making their way back in the fashion world.  I know!  Some of you are going to be rolling your eyes, but I think these floral flared pants are cute.  The beauty of these pants is they are versatile – you can wear them with high heels or with flats.

For those of you that love to shop online like I do, for this type of pants, I strongly advise you to try them on, to ensure that fits you perfectly. I will post a link with some of my favorite styles.  Please don’t wear the ones that look like pajamas. 

My nostalgia is here! I think I’m definitely growing old. How I wish I would have kept mine with the blue and pink flowers.



Okay, enough nostalgia. I  need to stay focused on the present, and get busy finding another pair (or two) of these pants.  I just hope I can find a pair that I love as much as I did my old ones.  Finding the right clothing pieces can be quite difficult and frustrating, but I’m on a mission.

Once you find the color that you like, keep the rest of your outfit simple. I would wear them with a one color simple top. During the summer, you can wear them with a solid color spaghetti strap top. Remember, keep things simple and relaxed. It’s about balance and creating your own style.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Auguro una buona settimana a tutti! Stay zen!


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