Hi friends! I’m back!
Have you noticed this trend when you watch reruns of “That 70’s Show?” Also, have you noticed that our shirt sleeves are getting longer and longer? Have you asked yourself why? Don’t worry. You do not need glasses. The 70’s are calling you! 

A few years ago, fashion from as far back as the 70’s, all the way to the 90’s, made a comeback. It is still hotter than ever! If you are a fan of long sleeves, then you are going to love this fashion trend. 
Let’s talk about Bell Sleeve Tops. You may have noticed them all over Pinterest. This 70’s trend has also been spotted on several ramps in designer’s collections during the recent NYFW.
This major 70’s trend is making a huge comeback, and it’s here to stay.

The Bell Sleeve Tops are in for this season. They are perfect for people like me who like to keep things simple and classy. I will share a link to Neiman Marcus with all my favorite tops.
When we shop, we constantly look for items that enhance our style and beauty.

This is a picture of my idol, Victoria Beckham!

Designers have taken a strong hold of the bell-sleeve! Just take one good look at the butterfly sleeve, and you will be whisked back to the seventies.

Complete the casual look with your favorite sunglasses, flat sandals, and classic handbag. You will be ready to make a fashion statement! 
If you are a fan of this trend, just embrace it and enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Alla prossima! Forza Juve!

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