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The following is my own review. I am not affiliated with any of Suzanne’s products.

As you already know, I am trying to use more and more organic products on my skin. I recently switched to Suzanne Somers’ organic skin care line, and discovered Suzanne Organics’ .

This product just came in the mail the other day, and I have been anxiously waiting for it. My face has been looking a little tired these past couple days due to all the antihistamines I have to take for my allergies (some more were added this past week). So, this product came at the right time.

It is super easy to use. With a clean face, you apply a small amount to your skin. Just go in a circle motion with your fingertips and leave it on for a few minutes. Wash it all off with a warm washcloth in the shower. You will notice bright-looking, tight, and beautiful skin.

The following was written on the back of the product:

“Beta-Hydroxy Acids from organic fruits and Green Tea gently loosen layers of old skin cells while stimulating new cell turnover, then Polished Peach Grains lift away dead layers, leaving remarkable radiance.”

You will see an awesome difference with your skin. I even applied it on my hands! They feel wonderful and super soft.

I have read, on many health and beauty magazines online, that, in order to keep our skin healthy over 40, it is recommended that we get one professional facial once a month to keep the skin looking young. With this product, you do not have to do that. I have done many facials, and this product, along with the calming toner and cleanser, gives me the same results. I will soon do a blog review about the calming toner and cleanser.

So, go in your bathroom and remove all the scrubbers that feel like sandpaper on your skin, and enjoy a little “me time” with Suzanne Organics’ Exfoliating Peach Cleanser. When we exercise and take care of ourselves, we actually love ourselves and other people more. We give everybody our best. XO

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