Hi friends!

I hope all of you are doing well. I miss blogging often, but as I mentioned before, I have been very busy working on two different writing projects. Believe me, as soon as I can, I will be sharing more with you. In the meantime, I am spending my free time enjoying these beautiful, sunny, not-so-hot days. The weather is just perfect.

Please tell me, who does not love spring and summer? The idea of another summer coming up makes me very happy. How many of you remember how summer days seemed endless when you were growing up? Time seems to go by much faster as you get older. Do any of you know why? Okay, that’s another post.

Anyway, on the topic of childhood, we all still have that inner child inside us. Yes, you do, too. Since last week, this cute little green bucket, with the cutest little animals on it, has been on my bathroom sink. It has a monkey, a lion, and my favorite of all: the zebra, with those beautiful, black-and-white stripes. Oh, do I love those stripes. I only have this bucket for a week, and I already feel attached to it for two reasons: the stripes are lovely because they represent the colors of my beloved Juventus, my favorite soccer team, and the rest of the animals are super cute.

In this bucket, I have been placing some of my organic products. As many of you know, I like to pay attention to what I put on my skin since I have allergies. Just recently, I was watching a segment on a morning show, and I learned that the FDA pays little attention to what goes in our beauty products. That means companies can basically put whatever they wish into these products, and that’s sad.

These are my organic goodies! I’m waiting on the foundation. I will post a picture soon.

That is why I have decided to go organic. I even purchased an organic deodorant online the other day. I will do a review on that. Now I’m waiting on my organic foundation. I know, it is going to be difficult for me to let go of my Chanel, but I’m willing to give my new products a chance.

Please take care, and I will drop in again very soon. Xx

Alla prossima, e sempre forza Juve!

This is my favorite organic lip balm! They are also perfect for traveling! Happy weekend!

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