Hello, my friends and fellow Juventini!

Well, we did it again! My Juve won the Tim Cup/Coppa Italia yesterday. The final score was 2-0. I must admit, I was a bit nervous before the game. I know I should not feel that way, but it was only because I knew that our main goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon, was not going to play. Normally, our coach, Mr. Allegri, lets our backup goalkeeper, Neto Murara, play every Coppa Italia match. Needless to say, Neto did a super job tonight. I was very proud of him. I seem to forget that Neto is an experienced goalkeeper himself. Prior to Juve, he was the main goalie for the Fiorentina Serie A soccer team.

Now we have a few days to celebrate, then we must focus on our last Serie A game that will take place on Sunday. Let me be clear about this: basically, we already won the Seria A Scudetto, which is another championship of ours, but we still have to play one more game before we our officially the champions. We will play against Crotone this coming Sunday.

This is our wonderful coach, Mr. Allegri!

Then, after winning our sixth consecutive Scudetto, we will switch gears to focus on the Champions League. Juventus and Real Madrid will come face-to-face on Saturday, June 3 for the final game of UCL. I have a few weeks to get myself mentally ready for that game. Until then, I will keep working on finalizing and submitting my article to Huffington Post. There is a lot to do before submitting an article, like writing a short biography and a pitch, but I’m excited, and will keep you posted. XO XO XO

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