On June 9th, 2017, I got published! I can’t believe it. I am still in shock and denial. I am also over the moon to have had my first article published on Thrive Global. When I decided to submit my article, I understood that there is a tremendous amount of competition out there between online writers, but I did not let that stop me. I always follow my dreams.  It is something I would tell my students, to reach up high for the stars.
Let me start by saying that, as I recently learned, there is a huge amount of prestige and personal satisfaction in seeing your work published on a big site. For me, it was about gaining confidence as a writer, and getting out there.  When I first had this idea of writing about my personal experiences with food allergies, I immediately shared the news with my blog followers. Never in a million years did I think my work would be published.
When I shared my plans of writing an article with my family, they, as always, were very supportive. No matter what we do in life, whether we are starting a new job, or working on a project, having family’s support means the world to us all.
Anyway, I wrote my story, a “pitch,” and a personal biography that is required before submitting. Then, on Monday, May 22, I submitted my article to a Thrive Global editor. I also sent an e-mail, as well as my story, to Ms. Huffington, since I had nothing to lose. Ms. Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive. I figured that she would be too busy to answer me.  Was I wrong? Yes! Two and a half hours later, I received a response from Arianna with the following invitation.
Arianna Huffington
May 22
“Dear Nunzia, many thanks for your email. I would love for you to write for the Thrive Global site—to get started, please fill out this form to make sure we have your information in our system. And here’s a look at our contributor onboarding guide, outlining how to contribute stories. For any further questions, feel free to reach out to Olivia Jorgensen, cc’d on this email. All the best, Arianna”
I received that e-mail from Arianna on May 22, and my story was published on June 9th. On that day, I was getting my hair done, and did not even bother to check my phone. Somehow, my husband received a message that my story was live. Was I dreaming? Was it true?
I could not believe what was happening. My phone was going crazy with messages from family and friends. I felt like a celebrity. I was in a daze of course, and totally losing my mind.  I could not focus, and yet I was trying my best to respond to everyone’s kind messages as quickly as possible.
On June 9th, I learned that dreams do come true. I know this will open many opportunities for me. It has only been two days since I got published, and I am thrilled to start this new chapter as a writer and contributor for Thrive. Xoxo

Hello, friends!

With Memorial Day behind us, I feel like summer is only a few steps away. I can already imagine myself lying with a hat and sunscreen by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in Italy.  Lately, I have been busy getting my skin ready for summer.

I always find it very flattering when people ask questions about my skincare routine. When I was younger, in the summer, I would spend endless hours lying on the beach at Santo Janni Formia. Those days are gone forever, because now, when I go to the beach, sunscreen is the first thing I pack in my beach bag. Nowadays, I tend to pay more attention to my daily skin routine.

There is something amazing about aging naturally. I can see some beautiful wrinkles in the future, but for now I will try to do my best to avoid them. You can’t blame a girl for trying. What I do in the morning is super simple. Today, I decided to share with all of you some of my simple steps to keep my skin looking soft and glowing. My secret of glowing skin is not in expensive makeup or luxurious facials. Here is what I do daily:


  1. First, I follow a very healthy diet, with lean protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I don’t even remember the last time I had fast food. If I do go out to lunch or dinner, I always try to choose a healthy, low-calorie meal.  What you choose to eat each day has a lot to do with whether you are looking to find that healthy glow.  So, try to incorporate healthy food in your diet. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
  1. Drink up! I mean water.  There are many great reasons to drink water. It is refreshing, it helps my complexion, it keeps me hydrated, and it helps me maintain my energy level on those heavy cardiovascular days.
  1. I always use an organic cleanser twice a day, followed by my favorite serum, and a moisturizer along with an eye cream. I do a mask twice a week.
  1. I exfoliate every other day to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin. After a proper exfoliation, the skin looks fresh and healthy. Be sure to apply a good moisturizer to hydrate the skin after exfoliating.
  1. Last, but not least, don’t forget to smile. I always look for new strategies to keep Zen in such a super busy society. Share yours. XOXO





As for the makeup, I keep it simple!




Sometimes, when I feel annoyed with people and things, I express my frustration by writing.  Don’t get me wrong, I also write when I’m happy, but, when I’m frustrated, writing just takes me to another dimension, a less annoying one. It sweeps me away to a quiet place where I can recharge and feel whole again.

Today, my heart was broken. I’m not expecting everyone to understand how I feel, but if you are a soccer fan, you can certainly understand the magnitude of my sadness today.  For those of you whom learned to love and worship soccer from a very early age, you can understand the sadness and the disappointment of a loss.

After Juventus defeated Barcelona twice, some of us, including myself, got a bit overconfident. We felt our team could easily win against Real Madrid and claim the Champions League cup.

As you may have guessed, this was not the case. Ugh!

Unfortunately, that’s life and sports. While it sometimes feels wrong to be in a state of mourning over sports, especially a match wherein no one was injured and everyone returned safely back to their families; I  think it is a good thing to allow yourself to really process your emotions. If I did not feel bad when Juve loses, I would not feel good when they win. If that was the case, what would be the point of watching sports? That emotional attachment one develops with a team is what makes this pastime so exhilarating.

Time to start again.

Take care everyone









Ce ne andiamo a Cardiff! Ce ne andiamo a Cardiff! 

The song goes on and on. This is a song that we Juventini/bianconeri are singing as the day of our game approaches. Saturday, my beloved Juventus will go face-to-face with Real Madrid in the Champions League Final.
Our team has improved a lot. Our great coach, Mr. Allegri, has done a fabulous job with this team. We just won our six consecutive scudetto, and now, if we win our game on Saturday, we will make history. Our goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon, made it to the Champions League Final in 2003 and 2015, but has never won. At 39 years old, Giogio’ keeps on going strong. This could be his last chance at winning.
Last year, Real Madrid won the Champions League Final. Cristiano Ronaldo is on fire this year, as well. It is going to be a huge/stressful game. I need to do my best to stay calm. A workout prior to the game will be a must.
However, I am confident in my team. We beat Barca! So, we know we can also beat Real Madrid.
Fino alla fine, ragazzi!



I will be wearing this shirt on Saturday!
Buffon in action here!
Forza Juve!!! Fino alla Fine!