Maria Menounos & Leo Bonucci!

Hello, my friends!

Lately, I feel like I have been living in La-La Land! Don’t get me wrong: we all need to do that. I love it. It keeps me happy, present, and connected with the people I love. You will find out more about that on my next article that I’m writing for Thrive Global.

For those of you whom follow my blog, you already know that I have been out of the country and, from what I can tell, out of the loop as well.  I have only been home for two weeks, and I am trying to catch up with all the recent events that I missed. Needless to say, when I was in Italy, I only used my phone to take pictures.

In order to enjoy every single moment of my vacation, I stayed away from the Internet and the news. Just the other day, I decided to catch up on the news.  As I was watching an entertainment news channel, I was sad to learn that Maria Menounos, host of E-news, had undergone a complex surgery earlier this month to remove a golf ball-sized brain tumor that was pushing on her facial nerves.




Maria, who also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, said she began to experience symptoms in February, when she suddenly started having difficulty reading the teleprompter. In a recent interview, she stated that she was feeling sick at work, and was having frequent headaches. In March, she made an appointment with her mother’s doctor: neurosurgeon Dr. Keith L. Black, who has been treating Maria’s mother for stage four brain cancer.

Later on, an MRI revealed that Maria had a brain tumor. Her surgery took place on June 8th. After six days in the hospital, she was back home and on the road to recovery. I recently read that she is doing well, but does not have her full balance yet.  We wish Maria a speedy recovery!


Before signing off: if you are a Juventus fan, you know what I’m about to say. Sadly, on Friday, we lost Bonucci. Leo was one of our defenders. Many Juventus fans are disappointed with the choice that he made. Many of them believe that he should have stayed with Juve, but instead he went to Milan. How can he leave a team that has won six championships in a row and go to a less important/famous team? There is a lot of speculation on this story on the web, but we will never find out the real reason why he left Juve. Good luck, Leo.  Forza Juve! XOXO




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