Dear friends,

It has been overwhelming since Hurricane Harvey made landfall over the Texas coast. The past few days have been very difficult for the residents of our Texas coastline. As you already know, our beautiful state was hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Just a few days before Harvey made landfall, when l I first heard about the chance of heavy rain on GMA, I did not pay attention.  Here in Texas, we are accustomed to severe weather.

How did this so-called “heavy rain shower event” turn into a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane? The last time our city suffered major damage from a hurricane was when Celia ripped apart Corpus Christi in 1970.

So far, several deaths have been reported in the floodwaters, but the exact number is unclear.

Just days since the landfall of one of the biggest storms to hit the US, authorities have rescued thousands of people in Houston alone. As for our family, we evaluated the day before Harvey made landfall.  I’m grateful and blessed that our house did not sustain damage – just one side of our backyard fence will need to be replaced.

Yesterday, I tried to shop for a few items at the grocery store. Sadly, our local supermarket was just about empty; I had never seen such a thing. Shoppers were only allowed to buy two loaves of bread per family.  As I witnessed this, it took me back to my childhood, when my grandfather used to tell me stories about the food shortage during and after World War II.  Thank goodness I was there only to get a few items, since I was able to shop before leaving town.

I would like to thank the Mayor of our city, the police, and the Fire Department,  Red Cross volunteers, National Guards.   I would also like to thank all the wonderful doctors and nurses on duty at our local hospitals for a fantastic job when duty called. Thank you.  I’m praying for my home state, and all those who are suffering through the devastation of the Hurricane Harvey. Xo, Nunzia















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