Hello, ladies! Summer is ending! Get out there, get some sunshine, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

As you noticed from my pictures, I’m sporting a new, shorter look. It is always exciting when Meghan works her magic on my hair. We chopped a few inches off, because lately my hair has not been in the best condition. While I was in Italy this past summer, I went to see my sister’s hairdresser, and it was not a positive experience. Even though we had an appointment, I ended up waiting for a long time with chemicals in my hair. I got a lot of dead ends as a result. Today, Meghan could remove most of them.

Anyway, this past weekend, my husband Patrick and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Our actual anniversary was on Friday, September 15, but we are still celebrating. It always feels like I just married him last year.

In the meantime, the UPS guy has been busy, because I received my first present last week. My hubby bought me a new laptop. It is super light, and I love it. It is as light as an iPad! Can you believe that? It is perfect for me, because my other laptop was quite heavy, and the weight was causing some knee pain. My second present was some Giorgio Armani foundation. I will share a review with all of you. Until then, be kind to one another. xoxo



I just made this delicious Tapioca pudding!


Hi friends,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

I can’t believe how fast the time goes by. I have been wanting to write this blog post since last week, but with the magazine, Claudio, and family, my days are jam-packed. I have also been spending an hour or so of physical therapy three times a week, and will do so until the end of September. I have been getting my therapy at this facility nearby, chosen by my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Williams.


The staff at that facility is always courteous and professional. I have been assigned to a wonderful therapist, Allyson. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and professionalism keep me focused on reaching

our goal of making this knee strong again. I also get the opportunity to workout under  the supervision of other techs at the facility, and they do a great job keeping me on track.









Please understand, I have always loved working out, but when you are trying to make an injured knee work, it is not always easy or fun. My main goal is to avoid surgery. I will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon in October. Until then, my objective is to work very hard. Claudio is going to help me!


I need some new decorating ideas for fall.




Anyway, I was planning on doing some shopping this weekend. However, on Friday afternoon, the unexpected happened: shortly after my husband, Patrick, got home, we heard some loud and strange sounds coming from our kitchen. The noise seemed to be coming from under the dishwasher. Suddenly, we heard cracking sounds, and our floor began cracking at a fast rate. It’s like witnessing an earthquake (believe me, I know a thing or two about earthquakes; I survived a major one in Italy back on November 23, 1980, a Sunday night, and I never forget that day).

So, on Friday, hearing a loud, cracking noise and watching the floors of your house come apart definitely brought back some unpleasant memories. Everything is fine, though. We will get it all fixed. My husband is already working on it, and he has done this job before, back when this last happened during Christmas 2012.

The most annoying thing about this flour situation is the dust is aggravating my allergies. Oh, well. It will teach me not to worry if the house is messy and dusty. Can I do it? Let’s wait and see! Have a great weekend, everyone! XoXo
















Hi Ladies! My latest article that I wrote for Thrive Global was published last week. I should be dancing and feeling happy for that accomplishment. Instead, I feel lots of sadness for those who have lost their homes to Hurricane Harvey.
A few days ago, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Corpus Christi to be briefed on the relief effort by local and state officials. According to www.nytimes.com,“The National Guard has conducted 8,500 rescues since the storm began, Mr. Abbott said, and the police and firefighters in the Houston area have done a similar number. About 24,000 National Guard troops will soon be deployed for disaster recovery in Texas.” Thousands of people are still awaiting rescue.
It is just heartbreaking to watch the news. Yesterday, I was watching CNN, and they were interviewing this gentleman who was feeling emotional because he was separated from his family during their rescue.
As time goes by, Harvey continues to cause problems. Wednesday morning, the storm made landfall again, dumping 6-10 inches of rain in Louisiana. Houston, and all the cities affected by the Hurricane, need our prayers.
On a different note, I need a moment of silence! Why? Italy lost against Spain last Saturday. No, we are not out of the World Cup yet, but we do need to start winning games so we can qualify. I do miss our old coach, Antonio Conte. Btw, where was Chiello?
On a happy note, I’m sharing a few pictures of Claudio. Last week, he had his 12-week checkup. He is such a bundle of joy. He already loves to pose for the camera.

I’m using a new foundation from Clinique. It has a natural looking coverage! It does exactly what Clinique claims it would do. I’m super happy with this foundation so far; and I can see myself using it for a long time. And yes, I would highly recommend this product. 

Take care everyone.