Hi, friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!



The holiday season is a perfect time for us to step back from our crazy-busy, day-to-day lives and reflect on our blessings. This is also a time of year to celebrate long-lived traditions, and introduce new ones, like I’m planning to do.



This year, I will implement a few changes in our Christmas Eve dinner. I will share more details on that on my next blog post.

During this beautiful and magical season, enjoy your time with your family and friends. Whether your idea of relaxation is maybe reading a good book, playing Nintendo DS games like I do, or simply getting out and enjoying a brisk walk, remember: whatever you do, make it relaxing and fun. Be present.

Create new memories and traditions this holiday season. I will be sharing mine on the blog! Until then, here are some  of our favorite dishes I have been preparing for my family this month.



Buttermilk pie!

Peach pie!

Pasta-Paccheri with seadfood!

Tortellini in brodo di pollo!

Clams in tomatoes sauce!







Hi, my friends!

Christmas is approaching fast! This time of the year brings the best out of everyone. It is very nice to see people looking super happy everywhere.

  Speaking of Christmas, I have been doing some shopping. As many of you already know, I’m on a search for the perfect foundation. Will I ever try one that meets my standards? Recently, I have been using the Body Shop one; I truly love it. It is easy to apply, and my skin looks flawless. Plus, it does not feel over dry. Along with that, I purchased the Sigma brush. If you don’t have one, go get one ASAP.

I also bought a new primer. Don’t forget to use a base before applying any foundation. It makes your skin soft and smooth before makeup. Don’t worry, I will link all the goodies that I purchased, along with my new concealer from Este Lauder and Bobby Brown blush.

Have fun shopping this holiday season! My new article is complete, and will be sent to the editors at the end of this week. I will keep you posted.

Let me know if you would like to see more beauty reviews!


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