Hey, you guys! Am I dreaming?! Is Spring Break here? I have been waiting for Spring to be here for a very long time. Is it just me, or does it seem like this winter has lasted forever? After so many cloudy days, I’m ready to see the sun shine again. I’m ready to resume body surfing at the beach. I’m ready to play with my fur baby, Claudio, by the water. Only God knows how much I have been missing the sunshine and the warm weather.

Okay, now let’s switch gears! As many of you already know, last summer, while I was running, I injured my right knee. As a result, I ended up having a surgery. Before and while I was in the hospital, I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful doctors and nurses. In my opinion, doctors and nurses are some of the most hardworking professionals out there. They truly dedicate their lives to helping us, and heal those who are sick and injured.

Sadly, not everyone appreciates doctors and surgeons. We often take for granted what they do for us. When I was in the hospital, I felt compelled to write an article about my surgery
experience to stress once again that they truly are angels. I’m happy to report that my article has been published. I hope you enjoy it!



Running around Austin, Texas!

Shopping at Domain!

La mia Juve ha vinto le ultime 12 partite di campionato!  Un altro due a zero, dopo quello di pochi giorni fa contro l’Udinese. La Juve continua  la marcia in campionato. Ecco i ragazzi felicissimi a  correre in campo per festeggiare un’altra vittoria in Serie A! Spero che possiamo  vincere di nuovo un altro scudetto; poi si vedra’. Fino alla fine! Forza Juve! <3










Hey, hey – how are you?

As usual, I must ask: IS IT SPRING YET?! Sorry, but I’m just a total wimp when it comes to the cold. Give me a warm spring or summer day, and I will be happy!

Okay, let’s get down to business. This is the moment I have been waiting for! As I mentioned last week, I ordered my Fenty Beauty foundation. After wearing this product for a few days, I finally collected enough thoughts to share the results with you.

First, if you are shopping online, and you’re not sure which shade will match your skin tone, go to Sephora and have them apply some to your jawline. I also suggest going near a window to double check the shade in a well-lit area. You will need to do so with this foundation.

Flaky, dry skin is not flattering, nor is it a good base for foundation. Before applying this product, especially for those with dry skin, always be sure to prep. Use a primer and moisturizer. This product can be applied with a regular makeup brush or a beauty blender. Here are my favorite hydrating tools, as well as my the brushes that I use everyday, along with the primers and moisturizer.

As always,  when you are anxiously waiting for a package, it always seems to take forever for the mailman to deliver it. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this product online. I’ve heard/read/seen all the hype about this foundation, but I have gone down this road before. Just recently, I was disappointed with Armani’s foundation.

My first impression of this foundation was that the coverage is medium to full, it feels very lightweight, thanks to its being water-based, and it doesn’t look “cakey” on my face. It doesn’t crease, it does not create wrinkles under my eyes or forehead, and it is easy to apply. It blends amazingly, is undetectable, and it will last most of the day on your face. That makes me happy.

You will notice a beautiful glow on your skin. You will feel like your skin is hydrated and breathing easily under the foundation. This product is definitely in my top five, which is impressive considering how new it is to the beauty industry.

What an unexpectedly great foundation! Kudos to Rihanna. Seriously, Rihanna has set the bar high for other companies. They all need to take notes and realize that a variety of colors really matters for us ladies.

In conclusion, I am truly in love with this product. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Rihanna. Clearly, she did her research and took her time formulating this amazing foundation. She also made it affordable for everyone. How wonderful is that?!

I’m wearing my new foundation on all these pictures!

If you purchased this product, feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment on my blog. Also, my new cross-body bag just came in today!  On the blog next week, I will be sharing a picture, and I will post a review about this gorgeous bag.

Until then, be happy and grateful each day to be alive on this beautiful earth. Have a great week!