Hi, everyone! As many of you already know, I like to share my favorite things on my blog: makeup, shoes, clothing, purses, books, etc. You name it!On my blog today, I’m going to share my favorite book I have been reading. It is by New York Times bestselling author Maria Shriver. The book is called I’ve Been ThinkingReflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life. It is just about us juggling different roles and wearing different hats each day. It is a great book that will help anyone learn how to stand strong when life throws a curve ball. Maria herself managed, with grace and dignity, to catch a few curve balls in her life.

This book can help anyone who is looking forward to moving on in life. I also love the prayers at the end of each chapter.

Trust me on this one. You are going to love it.

No matter how busy I am, I always try to make time for reading at home or at Barnes & Noble. While I am at Barnes & Noble, I always like to look through Flow magazine. I love all the activities, and this mindful magazine helps me slow down and press the “reset” button in my brain. I love all the illustrations, and how those beautiful, colorful stickers help remind us to take time for ourselves and do nothing once in a while.

The activities in Flow will inspire you to pick up a pen and get busy. We are so surrounded by cell phones and laptops that we often forget the last time we picked up a pen or pencil to draw a picture or send a handwritten note to a friend.

Speaking of mindfulness, our house is a mess because we are remodeling. The worse part about remodeling is all the waiting. It is like someone is trying to teach me how to be patient. You wait for the materials to come in, you wait for the person to take the measurements, you wait for the contractors to install, and it just seems to take forever. I’m looking forward to having the house look like a home again, but I am beginning to appreciate the exercise in patience I am getting.

Catch me on my next “favorite things” update!


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