Being productive!

Being productive
Although I love to relax on weekends and snuggle up with my fur baby, I also love to feel productive by completing all my tasks. My query about my new article has been sent to the editors. My photo shoot for the Great North is done. Now, all I have to focus on is Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I’m happy that my “to do” list on my phone is getting shorter. We all have that list on our phones. Every day, but especially during the holidays, I thank God for Siri. I don’t know what I would do without her reminders during this busy time. Do people still write reminders down? We can just as easily put our fancy phones to work for us!
Even though it is not officially Thanksgiving yet, there is a festive holiday air flowing around. Yesterday morning, my husband and I completed our holiday grocery shopping together. Ever since we have been married, we have gone holiday shopping together. This year, we implemented a few changes in our tradition: we changed our menu.
Instead of cooking the traditional turkey, we decided to roast a few whole chickens for our guests. Along with that, we are going to be serving ham. The side dishes will remain the same, to keep the stress level low. You do not want to be overloaded with work on Thanksgiving.
I’m planning on baking all the pies on Wednesday. I will be serving a traditional pumpkin pie, along with a chocolate pumpkin pie. I’m going to try to accomplish as much as possible on Wednesday. I may even do a blowout for my hair on that day. On Thanksgiving Day, dry shampoo will go a long way.
Don’t skip your workout
I hear you! All of us are going to be super busy cooking and entertaining for most of this week, but even if you don’t have a whole hour, it is important to get some exercise.
I love “Yoga with Adrianne.” So, this morning, I have a quick yoga session on my phone called “Yoga for the Brain.” Doing this will make me feel happy and energetic all day.
I was very proud of myself today. I was able to work out with a sore knee. I will find out soon if I need another knee surgery.
Thanks for reading this. We will chat soon.
Until then, happy Thanksgiving to all!

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