It keeps on getting colder in South Texas. With the sound of the cold wind, and the low temperatures, today was a joyful reminder that Christmas is just around the corner. Yes, people, the holiday
season is here! 

Last year, right around this time, my gifts were all wrapped up and under the three. This year, I have been taking my time getting everything ready. There are some days when the last thing you
want to do is rush. After all, our whole world moves at a fast pace, but what are we racing toward? Can we slow things down a bit in this perpetually rushed society? 

We often hear people say that there is not enough time in one day, and how they are super busy and stressed out. Can we just be like turtles? I read that the average life span of an American box turtle is 123 years. So, during this holiday season, why not try slow down and program our internal gears to go at a low speed? I’m sure our minds and bodies will be thankful for that.

Slowing down helps us be in the moment. It helps us take in the world around us! You can read more on how to stay Zen during this beautiful season in my next article that will be out right before Christmas on Thrive Global. Here is how I stay zen:

Now, switching gears, let me send a big “thank you” to Santa for coming early this year. Last night, our postman delivered a huge box. When I opened it, I found a beautiful Calvin Klein purse. It is very
classy and breathtaking up close! My husband Patrick loves to surprise me, and this year he did it again.

I know. I hear you! It’s not Christmas yet, but can a girl get an early Christmas gift from her husband? There are more gifts heading my way. I must have been good this year.

A soon as I have some free time, I will do a review on this cream. I love the way Claudio looks in these pictures.

Thank you for reading this post. Share below how you are managing to keep your stress level low during the holidays. 

I’m currently working on making my blog a community, a place where all of you ladies can share what’s on your minds. We all live on the same planet, and we all struggle with the same issues. So, here we go! Here is your chance to share your joy, disappointment, makeup tips, best places to shop online, how you overcame a recent obstacle, what makes you happy, and what drives you insane.

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I believe that self-reflection is an important process of learning deeply about ourselves. It helps us identify what we are doing right and wrong. When I practice self-reflection during my free time, I feel
like I’m giving myself an opportunity to pause and enjoy the moment. While my brain sorts through thoughts, present and past events and experiences, it sends out a feeling of relaxation as my mind defragments. For me, it’s almost like meditating! It helps me to be “in the moment”.L

Of course, keep in mind that we do not want to self-reflect while we are having a super busy day. Otherwise, we just create more stress for ourselves. Instead, pick a quiet moment during the
day, perhaps when you are at home, to hit the “pause” button.

I wonder why we feel more reflective on some days more than others? Is it because it is winter time, and the sun is no longer shining every day? Is it because we listen to more music during the holidays? Whatever the reason my be, I tend to be more self-reflective during the winter months. It is like I am looking through a magnifying glass while taking notes in my mind, and describing what
I see as I assess myself. As I mentioned above, it’s like meditating. So, it helps us implement necessary changes, or find a solution to a problem that we have been procrastinating on. 

For my readers: explain the benefits of practicing self-reflection.

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Hello, hello! The Holidays are almost here!

Update: I just posted the link for the shoes. 🙂

I just can’t believe how beautiful the weather has been in South Texas! It feels like summer today. It does not seem like Christmas is less than a month away.

We had an unusually early fall, with cold temperatures and never-ending rainy days. So, it is unbelievable how nice the weather turned out to be in the recent weeks. The holiday decorations are up around the house, but it looks and feels like summer outside. I already brought out the winter clothing, but I guess I did that too soon.

Christmas is still a few weeks away, and the parking lot at the mall is already super crowded. I’m shopping in advance to avoid the last minute rush at the department stores. Even though I prefer
to do most of my shopping online, you can’t always find what you are looking for, and are forced to go to the mall. For many, Christmas shopping is already in full swing. On Saturday morning, just a few minutes before opening, our local Ulta store had a long line of people waiting outside.

People are super stressed out right now, trying to find that perfect gift. I always discuss in my articles the importance of keeping the stress levels low, and it is because of stress that I felt the need and the urgency to write another article at the last minute. I was actually going to take a break, and resume writing after the holidays.

So, it happened four days ago! The Great North Apparel published my picture on their page! The first hour right after my picture was live on their page, I already had one thousand likes. It was
unbelievable. Right before Christmas, I will do another photo shoot for the company. They are a lot of fun. These Instagram influencers are the thing on social media nowadays.


Speaking of fashion, this beautiful pair of Converse shoes that I’m wearing are from my favorite fashionista, Chiara Ferragni.



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