Hi, everyone! 

The days are getting warmer and sunnier. For me, every Memorial Day is “the start of another beautiful summer.” 

I hear you. It is not technically summer yet, but hey, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming. Hopefully, spending more time outdoors, and receiving plenty of

Vitamin D directly from the sun, will bring a big smile to your face.

Even though there are times when we don’t feel like smiling, remember that we are the co-creators of our own happiness. What we believe in our minds, we create.

What are you doing each day to increase your happiness? Where are you choosing to focus your thoughts and energy? Life is super, super busy, and filled

with challenges. There are some days when happiness seems to be elusive and far away, but it is important to keep our desire in our hearts, to find that purpose and that trail that will eventually lead us to a happier life.

I recently wrote an article on depression that got published by the Health Journal, and I can’t seem to stress the importance of exercising enough. Exercise has such a profound effect on our mood and well-being that we can’t ignore the correlation between exercise and happiness. 

A recent study showed that “Exercise makes you happier than money, according to Yale and Oxford research.” So, there you have it! No more excuses. If you are a runner, go for a long run. For those of you who are less active, take a five-minute walk, take up yoga, and be happy! 

On a different note, here they are! I am sharing my new shoes, everyone knows that I love Chiara Ferragni.

I will be back soon. I am getting ready to have another knee surgery on June 7th. Will a second surgery stop me from running? I think some of you

already know the answer to that question.



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