Hi Ladies! My latest article that I wrote for Thrive Global was published last week. I should be dancing and feeling happy for that accomplishment. Instead, I feel lots of sadness for those who have lost their homes to Hurricane Harvey.
A few days ago, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Corpus Christi to be briefed on the relief effort by local and state officials. According to www.nytimes.com,“The National Guard has conducted 8,500 rescues since the storm began, Mr. Abbott said, and the police and firefighters in the Houston area have done a similar number. About 24,000 National Guard troops will soon be deployed for disaster recovery in Texas.” Thousands of people are still awaiting rescue.
It is just heartbreaking to watch the news. Yesterday, I was watching CNN, and they were interviewing this gentleman who was feeling emotional because he was separated from his family during their rescue.
As time goes by, Harvey continues to cause problems. Wednesday morning, the storm made landfall again, dumping 6-10 inches of rain in Louisiana. Houston, and all the cities affected by the Hurricane, need our prayers.
On a different note, I need a moment of silence! Why? Italy lost against Spain last Saturday. No, we are not out of the World Cup yet, but we do need to start winning games so we can qualify. I do miss our old coach, Antonio Conte. Btw, where was Chiello?
On a happy note, I’m sharing a few pictures of Claudio. Last week, he had his 12-week checkup. He is such a bundle of joy. He already loves to pose for the camera.

I’m using a new foundation from Clinique. It has a natural looking coverage! It does exactly what Clinique claims it would do. I’m super happy with this foundation so far; and I can see myself using it for a long time. And yes, I would highly recommend this product. 

Take care everyone.








How many of you had a joyful and relaxing weekend? Right now, I am enjoying these hot, sizzling, Texas summer days. Who on this earth does not love summer? I don’t even want to think about those lazy, cold, gray winter days. Yes, I know, the fall and winter seasons bring us some awesome holidays, but my mind is made up. I’m not ready to give up my summer!
During the hot months, my energy level is high. I feel happy and alive. I’m also enjoying the extra dosage of vitamin D. Now that I’m just about over my jet lag, I’m slowly getting back into my regular workout routine. I started my weekend with a great run on Saturday. Then, I went to see my beautiful hairdresser.
As I mentioned earlier, I got my hair done just two weeks ago in Italy at Mariano Balato, my sister’s hairdresser. They did an excellent job. However, my hair was looking like it belonged to a Barbie doll. They really made me super blonde, and it was not looking very flattering with my dark complexion.
I noticed it is a trend for the ladies in Italy to have blonde hair with dark roots. I knew that I was going to be a project for my hairdresser, Meghan. I’m now blonde-free, and I feel great.
I hope everyone has a great Monday/week. Keep on smiling, and don’t forget to stay Zen in this crazy world. XOXO

A tribute to Harry S!

Ciao care amiche! È già estate qui da noi. La luce del sole ci dà energia e ci rende sempre più felici. Vi siete mai chiesti perchè la stagione estiva fa bene all’anima?

È un dato di fatto: quando splende il sole ci sentimo vivi e pieni d’energia, e sorridiamo sempre di più. Stare all’aria aperta è un fattore che aumenta il grado di felicità personale.

Finalmente stiamo per lasciare un inverno triste buio e nuvoloso alle spalle. Il sole, il mare e le vacanze, fanno bene a tutti noi; fisicamente e psicologicamente.

Ci siamo, l’estate si trova quasi alle porte. Prima di chiudere, verrei augurare alla mia Juve un mega in bocca al lupo. Domani si giochera’ con il Monaco. Se tutto va bene, ci possiamo trovare in finale. Spero tanto che Barza e il Principino possano giocare insieme. Poi si vedra.’ Vi raccomando, domani tutti insieme, un solo urlo: Forza Juve! Happy Monday to all! Xo

Hi friends!

I hope all of you are doing well. I miss blogging often, but as I mentioned before, I have been very busy working on two different writing projects. Believe me, as soon as I can, I will be sharing more with you. In the meantime, I am spending my free time enjoying these beautiful, sunny, not-so-hot days. The weather is just perfect.

Please tell me, who does not love spring and summer? The idea of another summer coming up makes me very happy. How many of you remember how summer days seemed endless when you were growing up? Time seems to go by much faster as you get older. Do any of you know why? Okay, that’s another post.

Anyway, on the topic of childhood, we all still have that inner child inside us. Yes, you do, too. Since last week, this cute little green bucket, with the cutest little animals on it, has been on my bathroom sink. It has a monkey, a lion, and my favorite of all: the zebra, with those beautiful, black-and-white stripes. Oh, do I love those stripes. I only have this bucket for a week, and I already feel attached to it for two reasons: the stripes are lovely because they represent the colors of my beloved Juventus, my favorite soccer team, and the rest of the animals are super cute.

In this bucket, I have been placing some of my organic products. As many of you know, I like to pay attention to what I put on my skin since I have allergies. Just recently, I was watching a segment on a morning show, and I learned that the FDA pays little attention to what goes in our beauty products. That means companies can basically put whatever they wish into these products, and that’s sad.

These are my organic goodies! I’m waiting on the foundation. I will post a picture soon.

That is why I have decided to go organic. I even purchased an organic deodorant online the other day. I will do a review on that. Now I’m waiting on my organic foundation. I know, it is going to be difficult for me to let go of my Chanel, but I’m willing to give my new products a chance.

Please take care, and I will drop in again very soon. Xx

Alla prossima, e sempre forza Juve!

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