Hello, my friends!

This warm weather and beautiful sunshine makes me happy.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Have you noticed my blog’s new look? Do you like it? I personally love how everything has its own place/category. It looks very professional and organized. My webmaster, Patrick, did a super job, I guess I will keep him. 😉   It was time to change. I was getting unhappy with the way it was looking. To me, it was just a big mess. Let me know if you like this new format.

So, today I’m sharing a few of my favorite items that I received last week.  It is great shopping online. I’m in love with those gladiator sandals. You can wear them with a dress, or with your favorite jeans or jeans skirt. They are totally versatile. It takes some planning to look glam, but it is worth it.  For my upcoming trip to Italy this summer, I’m already pre-staging what to bring and what to wear. That will save me some time later.


I have also been using this Jessica Alba’s Hydration Replenishing Mist, and it has become a major part of my morning routine. I use it after cleansing, before applying the moisturizer and serum.  I also like to spray throughout the day, to get that instant hydration. I’m already in love with this product!  Stay happy and zen!














I create my own style by updating my wardrobe every new season. Remove what you don’t like. Keep the clothing items that make you smile and feel good about yourself, and on top of the world.

Our leading ladies of Hollywood have always given us major inspiration when it comes to fashion and style.
What about you; how do you create your own style? Also, colors can have a huge effect on your style, and how you feel. Which colors inspire you?

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“My style is based on gut instinct, clothing that speaks to me, things that make me feel good when I wear them, and inspirations I see online or in the street.” JS

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. My hubby and I were super busy planning and finalizing our vacation to Italy. There is a lot more to do, but slowly and surely, we are getting things done.
Have you noticed the weather is getting warmer, and Easter is on its way? Over the weekend, besides planning for the trip, I was also busy shopping for a new floral dress.  A girl can multitask on her laptop, right?

I have noticed so many lady bloggers that I follow on Instagram wearing beautiful floral dresses. During the past week, I have seen so many of those floral dresses on Pinterest. Nothing has brought me more happiness.

During the summer or spring time, who does not like flowers? Many studies show that they can  give us an immediate mood boost, and can improve our emotional health.

Even as a young child, I loved pretty things and nice dresses, preferably with flowers, during spring time.  I know my sisters are going to read this. Oh well. 🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I remember very vividly my first floral dress, with the most beautiful pink and light-gray flowers on it, right in the front part.  I was a fashionista back then, and didn’t even know it. Ah, those beautiful childhood memories.

Have a great Monday!

Hi, friends!

It is time to shake off the winter blues and revamp our wardrobe for spring. Time goes by fast. It seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating X-mas, and now we are getting ready to jump into the spring season.  First, everybody take a seat. 

We all have them in our closet: flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, platforms, wedges; seriously, do you know how many pairs of shoes you have in your closet?  Why are we obsessed with shoes? Why can we not seem to get enough of them? 

Do you ever feel your heart beat faster when you are shopping online or at the mall, when you suddenly find that perfect pair of shoes? Don’t worry. You don’t need an intervention. It happens to me all the time.

I have a nice collection in my closet, and I often get asked, especially from my husband, Patrick:  “why do you love shoes?”  Do we know the answer? I don’t really know why we have that constant need to buy new shoes. Where does that attachment come from? I wonder if our mother and grandmothers have the same obsession?  Is there a cure?

On today’s post, I will be sharing a link, and pictures, with some of my favorite shoes that were spotted on celebrities and, just recently, the runways for fashion week. I always find it difficult to express in words what it is about shoes, and why we are so deeply in love with them.

Here is a Thom Browne’s fall ’17 New York Fashion Week presentation.

Here are some of my favorites that are available at Neiman Marcus

Let’s be honest: I always try to embrace the season’s latest top trends, but sometimes doing so can be difficult.  Your eyes don’t lie. Have you noticed that not all the shoes this year during fashion week’s runways were flattering? What’s your opinion on that? Until our next chat, stay zen!