Non so come sia il tempo nelle vostre città, ma io mi sto godendo le utime giornate d’estate. Confesso, io ho dei problemi con mezze stagioni, perché a volte é difficile decidere cosa indossare. Mi mancano tantissimo i jeans e maglie con le maniche lunghe.

Oggi il cielo era nuvoloso, ed ho avuto il desiderio di indossare la mia giacca di jeans, e l’ho fatto. Anche se non amo affatto il freddo; ma quelle grigie e monotone giornate di vento, nebbia, pioggia, si impara ad apprezzare anche il piú pallido raggio di sole in primavera. Godetevi questi spendidi ultimi giorni d’estate! Alla prossima! Fino alla fine!

I’m totally itching to bring out my fall clothing, and ditch my sandals and short-sleeve outfits. Unfortunately, I still have a little way to go. Where I live, it is hot until November. With the humidity low today, but the weather not cool enough, I was eager to wear one of my favorite jeans jackets. So, I did.

The overcast skies and low humidity remind me of fall. Have a happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!


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CNN Anderson Cooper and I!


“I guess you can tell I am a huge fan of Juventus Soccer team. I grew up in Napoli,Italy with several brothers who played soccer for semi-professional teams. My sisters each liked different teams around Italy because of the cute guys. Well maybe that was me also, lol. My father was a devout Roma fan, my mother is a Napoli fan was well as most of my family in Italy. My husband is a Germany fan but I don’t hold that against him, well maybe sometimes I do :). I am currently watching the Euro 2016 finals. Italy play Germany on Saturday July 2, 2016. It will be a tough game but I am confident that we will win. Germany has never beaten us in a major tournament. My husband of course says we are going to be beaten so much we will have to drink our expresso with a straw. Not sure what he really means by that. We are so good and popular that everyone wants to be a Bianconeri.

It would be fair to say that it’s been quite a day for Dani Alves. Kicking off early this morning with his first Bianconeri press conference, formally unveiling him as the club’s new number 23, the Brazilian wing-back got to know all about his new home, new fans, new club and the history behind it all.

Dani Alves is coming from Barcelona after playing there for eight years.