Holiday season is here! Go online, contact your local Food Bank, or check with your grocery store to learn how you can help. As a community, we can help
provide disadvantaged families with the food supplies they need to feed themselves and their children during this time of the year. By working together, we can ensure those who are less fortunate can have a wonderful and a joyful Christmas.


Let’s talk about makeup! As an early b-day present from my Jen, I received the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. This beautiful makeup set has 12 colors that allow you to
embrace your creativity and play makeup artist with. You can create a perfect neutral smoky eye for the upcoming holiday parties. Complete the look with a red shade lipstick, perfect for this season.

Since last week, I have been using Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector. This is great for people like me who do not like to wear a heavy foundation. It does last up to six hours. It hydrates my skin, and gives that light coverage that I love. I’m not a huge fan of heavy foundation.

For the past year, a great tool that helps me with applying foundation in less than two minutes is the Urban Decay Optical Brush. I dislike using my hand to apply foundation. It’s just a big mess. If you are already using all these goodies, I hope you love them as much as I do. Keep on smiling.


I hope everyone had a joyful Thanksgiving. Today, with my ankle boots, I’m wearing one of my favorite skinny-ankle pants. These pants are very chic and comfortable. They are perfect for the office, or to wear to a holiday party.

They look even better in person than they do online. These pants have very vibrant colors, and fit comfortably because they are stretchy.

They are also perfect for a long flight. I will be wearing these on my upcoming 12-hour flight to Rome. Xx

I pantaloni stretti tipo Leggins, sono moltissimo di moda. Sono chiamati anche cosi in Italia. Se riuscite a trovare la taglia adatta, questi leggins, sono davvero comodi; anche se sono stretti sui polpacci, e sulle gambe. Vanno sempre indossati, sia in inverno che in estate. Durante la stagione fredda, vanno indossati con qualsiasi tipo di stivali. Cerchiamo di non abbinarli solo ad una maglia o ad una giacca lunga. Vanno benissimo anche con una camicia casual. Sono perfetti anche per viaggiare, e per l’ufficio.


My must have for this week are these boots. My favorite right now are the ankle boots. They are huge this season, I can’t seem to get enough pairs. Be sure to wear them with the proper clothing, so it will not be unflattering. A proper “what to wear plan” is a must.