Yes, we are talking about Armani again! I  love this  shirt. I  love it because it can  give us that special, glamorous/feminine touch with our favorite jeans.



I love jeans. They’re simple! I own many pairs in different colors and styles. My wardrobe would be incomplete without them. I can never seem to have enough pairs!


Un bel paio di jeans è uno di quegli essenziali che non deve mai mancare nel tuo armadio. Al momento di indossare un jeans, chiediti sempre: mi sta bene? Mi fanno sembrare magra? I jeans, in generale, sono sempre il capo preferito di tutti da indossare. Blu, neri o colorati, large o skinny, tutti ne abbiamo almeno un paio nell’armadio.

Come sempre, i jeans, sono e saranno sempre trend alla moda. Ci danno un tocco di

glam, ma restando casual e comode. Questo tipo di Jeans, sulla foto, è un tessuto particolarmente adatto ad ogni fisicità e permette di muoversi in piena libertà.



“I guess you can tell I am a huge fan of Juventus Soccer team. I grew up in Napoli,Italy with several brothers who played soccer for semi-professional teams. My sisters each liked different teams around Italy because of the cute guys. Well maybe that was me also, lol. My father was a devout Roma fan, my mother is a Napoli fan was well as most of my family in Italy. My husband is a Germany fan but I don’t hold that against him, well maybe sometimes I do :). I am currently watching the Euro 2016 finals. Italy play Germany on Saturday July 2, 2016. It will be a tough game but I am confident that we will win. Germany has never beaten us in a major tournament. My husband of course says we are going to be beaten so much we will have to drink our expresso with a straw. Not sure what he really means by that. We are so good and popular that everyone wants to be a Bianconeri.

It would be fair to say that it’s been quite a day for Dani Alves. Kicking off early this morning with his first Bianconeri press conference, formally unveiling him as the club’s new number 23, the Brazilian wing-back got to know all about his new home, new fans, new club and the history behind it all.

Dani Alves is coming from Barcelona after playing there for eight years.

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